Fans are already eager to see more adventures from the title characters when “Rick and Mortyseason 3 returns with Episode 5 and 6. The fifth episode will be a Rick and Jerry adventure while the sixth will see the scientist back with his grandson.

Episode 5 trailer and spoilers

Rick decides to take his son-in-law for a little road trip in Episode 5, titled “The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy.” In the trailer, we see him force a naked Jerry off his bed for an adventure that involves the fate of the galaxy, which he says rests on Jerry’s shoulder. Rick drags Jerry out of his motel room naked and the scientist offers to make his son-in-law a pair of pants on the way.

The mission seems rather important given that the scientist could not wait until Jerry was dressed.

A fun Rick and Jerry adventure

The scientist always finds a way to inject some fun in his intergalactic adventures whether it is an important mission or not. This seems to be the case in Episode 5. The original trailer for Season 3 shows the pair at an amusement park of some sort. Rick certainly looks like he is having fun while Jerry looks worried. Of course, what is a Rick and Jerry adventure without some mishaps? At one point Jerry encounters a giant alien creature and his father-in-law is nowhere in sight.

A different Rick

It is a wonder though why the scientist would want to spend time with his son-in-law when he despises him.

Perhaps what we see is one of Rick’s doppelganger from the Citadel of Ricks or the person beside Jerry is a cyborg. It is interesting to point out the red mark on his chest, which also appears on the robot in the clip (See 1:19 mark).

It is interesting to point out too that the synopsis for Episode 5 does not align with the trailer.

There is no mention of Rick and Jerry’s adventure and only talks about Summer having body issues and Beth failing as a mother.

Episode 6 trailer

The scientist is back with his grandson for more adventures in Episode 6, titled “Rest and Ricklaxation.” In the trailer, we see the scientist visit his grandson at school and then force him (yet again) to go on an adventure.

What was supposed to be a 20-minute adventure turned into six days. We next see the pair being chased by alien creatures with Morty at the wheel. Rick blows up a giant tentacled creature and they get an award. This is also the first time we see the scientist become anxious. Whatever adventure they had must have been life-threatening.