One of the biggest foundations of CBS police procedural drama “NCIS” was Michael Weatherly. He played the role of Senior Special Agent Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo but he sadly quit his job when his love interest Special Agent Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) died in a mortar attack in Israel. He found out that they have a living daughter and decided to quit to look for answers about her death and to take care of their child. He has previously told Digital Spy that he can see his character popping up on the show one day soon with other characters. Now, it looks like a character that’s tied to him is expected to make a comeback in Season 15.

Who is returning?

“NCIS” co-showrunner Frank Cardea recently told TV Line that a character close to DiNozzo will return this fall. “Joe Spano is coming back for an episode” as Fornell, while Robert Wagner Jr. is set for yet another encore (/his annual visit?) as DiNozzo Sr.,” he said. It can be recalled when Tony’s old man appeared in Season 14 during the “Nonstop” episode when the team joined forces with the Sherlocks. That said, fans are quick to speculate that this might be the start of Weatherly’s ultimate return to the series especially when he recently teased this possibility. The actor left the show in 2016, and everyone hopes to see him again as soon as Season 15 kicks off in the fall.

Additionally, Supervisory Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ (Mark Harmon) long-time close friend, Senior Agent T.C. Fornell (Joe Spano) will also make an appearance in “NCIS” Season 15. So, there must be a lot of explosives waiting for everyone come the next installment. Michael Weatherly though has his own show titled “Bull,” as Dr.

Jason Bull but doesn’t stop fans from expecting his return in the series. He previously said that his exit from the show stemmed from the departure of Cote de Pablo, whom he said is one of the amazing people he had encountered. The death of Pablo's character in the show broke the hearts of so many fans, but her body was never found, leaving hopes of reunion one day.

Will Ziva and Tony reunite?

Theories have it that since nobody has recovered her corpse, it’s possible that she is still alive. Apparently, this can do wonders in “NCIS” if both the producers and de Pablo decide to have her character back in the show. If it happens, then we’re pretty sure that Weatherly will make a comeback. After all, fans want them to reunite after their love story ended all of a sudden.

“NCIS” Season 15 returns on September 26 at 8/7c on CBS. Actress Maria Bello is coming to the show as a series regular. She is replacing Jennifer Esposito who played Special Agent Alexandra Quinn. Stay tuned!