Now that episode 3 has already aired, fans are already getting excited to see what happens next in “Rick and Mortyseason 3 Episode 4, “Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender.” In this episode, the title characters join a mission with the Vindicators to defeat a giant bug. Here are some spoilers, clips and the trailer for the upcoming episode.

Episode 4 trailer

In the teaser trailer, we see the members of the Vindicators having a briefing about their nemesis. We see the purple suited woman warn the team that this time Worldender “is out to end more than worlds.” The Vindicators’ leader, Maximus Renegade Starsoldier (Christian Slater), then appears to the amazement of Morty, who is clearly a fan.

The teenager immediately calls his attention the moment he flies in and makes a show of his power by vaporizing his martini glass. He apologizes for being late and everyone laughs when he reasons out that it was “happy hour.” Rick chimes in and says he was also late because of his drinking but “mentioned it to zero applause.”

Who are the Vindicators

According to Inverse, the Vindicators is a parody of Marvel and DC characters. The purple woman with the gem on her forehead could refer to the Avengers’ Vision and the gem a nod to one of the Infinity Stones. The cyborg gator could pass for DC’s Killer Croc, the man who appears to be made entirely of stone or clay is a nod to DC’s Clayface. Meanwhile, the burly African-American man who uses illuminated construction beams as his weapon could be a nod to The Thing from The Fantastic Four.

However, the most notable reference would be Maximus Renegade Starsoldier, who is clearly a nod to Star-Lord from Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Rick is not thrilled to join a mission with the Vindicators

The mad scientist initially did not want to involve himself in the mission with the Vindicators. In the trailer for season 3, he disregards a call for adventure by the team (see 0:52 time in the video below).

Only Morty is eager to join. It remains unknown what made Rick changed his mind. Perhaps his grandson coerced him to answer the Vindicators’ call.

What happens in 'Rick and Morty' season 3 episode 4?

In “Vindicators 3: The Return of Worldender” the team goes on a mission to defeat the hybrid super villain. The trailer for season 3 gave a glimpse at their mission (see 0:44 mark in the video).

As the team passes through a dark and hell-like place Worldender swoops above them. As the leader, Maximus Renegade Starsoldier does not look so brave. However, it seems their mission goes well as we see Worldender possibly dead while he dangles from a hook with his insides spurting out.