katie maloney seems to be carrying a lot of stress on the previous season of "Vanderpump Rules." During her time on the show, she was planning her wedding and she was stressing out because the wedding is costing a lot more than she had anticipated. It didn't help that her future husband, Tom Schwartz, kept saying that he only wanted to get married and spend a couple of thousands of dollars. But he wasn’t really helping in the planning of the wedding, so Katie was under a lot of stress.

It didn't help that she had to deal with rumors that her soon-to-be husband had indeed cheated on her in Vegas.

Rumors had been surfacing for a couple of months about Tom supposedly sleeping with another girl in Vegas during a trip they had taken months before. This was something that Katie already knew existed but she was surprised to hear it surface once again. In addition to that, she was not getting along with her co-star, Lala Kent, who just kept rattling the feathers in the group. It was clear that Maloney wanted Lala out of her life to avoid any stress.

Decided to keep the peace

However, after filming the reunion special last year, it sounds like Maloney wanted to make peace with Lala. According to a new Bravo report, Katie is now revealing that she made peace with Kent during the reunion special after realizing that the drama had gone on for too long.

As she points out, she didn't want to be the kind of person to hold a grudge and she points out that she actually didn't even know Lala that well. Rather than keep it going, Katie decided to squash it.

"At the reunion back in February, we squashed it," Katie has revealed about her friendship with Kent.

"I kind of had a moment of clarity, especially after the wedding, you know, kind of just felt like this release of everything, and I'm just like, 'I'm not this person, I don't want to beef with her, I don't know her.'"

Would Lala return to the show?

Lala Kent announced that she was leaving "Vanderpump Rules" last year after plenty of drama with her co-stars.

It sounds like she was tired of dealing with the drama over having a boyfriend whose identity she would prefer to keep private. Many of her co-stars assumed that he was a married man, but Lala kept saying she just wanted some privacy. These days, it sounds like she's still linked to this man, but Katie may still not know who he is.

Perhaps Katie will respect Lala more now that they have made peace and perhaps Kent would consider returning to "Vanderpump Rules" when the show returns later this year. It sounds like they would have a lot more fun filming the show now that she is friends with many of her former co-stars.

What do you think of Katie Maloney's decision to squash her beef with Lala after last year's reunion show? Do you think these two will be able to keep the peace going forward?