On Wednesday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," two sworn enemies came together for a common goal. Victor Newman and his former son in law, Billy boy Abbot united to save Victoria 's company "Brash and Sassy." They don't realize it yet, but Vicky also needs saving from herself.

The vultures are circling Victoria

Cane Ashby is out for revenge because Victoria fired him, Jack wants to punish Billy for sleeping with Phyllis, and Ben simply wants to make money. All three are circling like vultures waiting to benefit from the demise of "Brash and Sassy." Victor and Billy found Vicky about to sign a deal with Ben in order to keep her company.

She blew them off but did decide to sleep on the issue before signing.

Victor and Billy are unaware that this woman they both care about is dealing much more than they realized. She is having headaches and hearing sounds ringing in her ears. Victoria is also making decisions that are not her normal way of operating. Ben is a shark and in addition to working with Cane and Jack, he is sleeping with and allowing Victoria to believe they may have a chance at a real relationship.

Jack will believe he has the upper hand

Previews for Thursday show Jack handing an envelope to Victoria as she calls him a bastard, and Billy replies "Unbelievable.". Spoiler alerts only say he may get an upper hand but don't say what the leverage is.

Spoilers do indicate that Cane will give Ben information that Jack can utilize. Whatever Vicky holds in her hand must be pretty bad.

Victor Newman is the big Kahuna in Genoa City and ultimately gets his way in most every situation. he loves his daughter and he will do everything to keep her safe. Even though Victoria rejected her father's offer for financial assistance.

He will do all he can to help her even if it means maintaining a connection with Billy Boy. Time, however, is not on their side, because Jack is moving fast.

Victor and Billy will now have to move very quickly in order to save "Brash and Sassy," since Cane, Jack and Ben are out for blood. Sadly Victoria is obviously dealing with a medical issue and is being taken advantage of because she is not thinking clearly.

Her ex-spouse and her father will need to be the salvation of Vicky herself as well as her company. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 p.m. for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless." Keep watching for spoiler alerts to learn a few days in advance what your favorite characters will be doing.