Tuesday on "The Young and the Restless" Victoria Newman's world continued to crash down around her, and the number of men trying to destroy her company keeps growing. Her husband and her father who cannot stand each other may have to unite in order to help save "Brash and Sassy."

Victoria is not having the time of her life

Just when Billy and his former wife seemed they were going to reunite, the Newman family found out that Victor was responsible for Chole coming back to town and Adam's death. Nikki, Nick, and Vicky decided to distance themselves from the family patriarch while keeping his secret.

Victoria became rude and indifferent to Billy without explaining why.

Billy then turned to Phyllis and rekindled their affair, and Vicky's life has been going down hill ever since. Juliet filed a lawsuit against "Brash and Sassy" for sexual harassment and defended Cane, who finally admitted he did have sex with Juliet. Victoria had to pay a large settlement, and the company suffered because of it. She later fired Cane, and today had to put Lily's career on hold because of the financial issues.

In the midst of it, Vicky has been having headaches, hearing muffled sounds and displaying strange behavior since falling and hitting her head. Now to add insult to injury, there are three men trying to take her company away from her.

Jack wants to gain control over "Brash and Sassy" in order to get revenge on Victor and Billy, and Cane is angry because he lost his job. Both men have turned to Ben Hochman for assistance.

Victor and Billy may be the saviors for "Brash and Sassy"

On Tuesday, Victoria walked out on Abby and Nick after having one of her spells where she hears muffled sounds.

She calls Ben, and he agrees to meet her. Vicky does not know that Jack has asked Ben to spy on "Brash and Sassy" and give him inside information. Now as she enters the athletic club she does not see that Cane is offering his services to Mr. Hochman.

A preview for Wednesday shows Billy sitting behind a desk and out of exasperation throwing papers all over the floor, and when he looks up when Victor walks in.

The Newman patriarch has eyes and ears everywhere, so maybe he has gotten wind of the financial troubles his daughter's company is dealing with. Will Vicky's father and her ex-husband put their difference aside in order to help her?.

Can these arch enemies get past their hate for each other long enough to realize that Victoria needs medical help as well as salvation for "Brash and Sassy?" Spoiler alert indicates that Billy is going to find out about Jack and Ben but will he allow his former father in law to help out? Keep watching "The Young and the Restless" week days on CBS, at 12:30 p.m. EST.