On Monday's episode of "The Young and the Restless," Billy and Victoria were arguing like an old married couple. While working at "Brash and Sassy," he began questioning her new relationship with Ben Hochman. Vicky told her ex-husband to stay out of her business, and now the two are at odds with each other.

Billy may be jealous his former spouse has moved on

While working at "Brash and Sassy, " Billy began questioning the wisdom of his former spouse dating Ben Hochman. She responded by asking if he was jealous. She went on to say that he was dating Phylis so she could see whomever she wanted to.

Billy then pointed out that Vicky was slipping up and revealing too much information to her new beau. Victoria admitted that she did not realize she had said certain things to Ben, and this should have been a red flag to her ex.

The feelings between these two are very complicated because not long ago they were contemplating getting back together. When Victoria found out her father was behind the events that led to Adam's death, she distanced herself from Billy. He became frustrated and began hooking up with Phyllis again. Ben is Vicky's way of not allowing her love for her former husband to overwhelm her. These exes have three children they adore and work side by side at "Brash and Sassy." Love, jealousy, competition, admiration, and regret are a part of the dynamic that makes them who they are.

Brash and Sassy hangs in the balance

Something has been going on with Victoria for a few weeks. Her moods have been changing, and she slept with Ben first time they went out. Her erratic behavior, along with Cane and Juliet being fired leaves Billy as the only one who can keep the company going. Unknown to the two of them Jack has asked Ben to obtain insider information so he can take control of "Brash and Sassy.

And Phyllis is the one who encouraged Mr. Hochman to go out with Vicky.

When everything hits the fan, Jack may find that his little brother saves the day. Billy may keep his ex-wife from losing the company they love, and even help Vicky get the help she needs for her medical issues. For right now the former spouses are at odds, and Villy fans are going to enjoy watching how this all plays out.

Phyllis may lose the man she loves because of her manipulation, and at long last Billy and Victoria may finally be reunited.

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