Executive producer and showrunner Todd Slavkin teased some spoilers for the “Shadowhuntersseason 3 in a recent interview. He revealed the Big Bad in the upcoming season is the same nemesis in Cassandra Clare’s “City of Glass” novel.

Season 3’s Big Bad is another demon

Slavkin confirmed what was already teased in the season 2 Finale as the new season’s main nemesis. He said that Lilith is the Big Bad in season 3. In Jewish tradition, Lilith is a notorious demon believed to have been created before Eve. Her name means “the night,” which suits what she represents, which is darkness, sensuality, and terror.

Interestingly, her entrance in the season 2 Finale of the “Shadowhunters” literally coincides with the meaning of darkness. She appeared in the dark cave and formed by the wraiths that shaped into one. Talking about her appearance, Slavkin told TV Line that they geeked out when they made her entrance in the series. “What an awesome entry into the world in that cave with the wraiths all molding into one,” he said.

Who is Lilith in the “Shadowhunters” season 3?

In Cassandra Clare’s “Mortal Instruments” novels, Lilith appeared in the fourth book, the “City of Glass.” Valentine used her blood to experiment on his son when he was still inside Jocelyn’s body. He injected his wife with the demon’s blood, which turned Jonathan into a half-demon and half-human.

Apparently, Lilith’s role in the Freeform series is not far from the books. Slavkin confirmed that they used her story in the novels as inspiration for her importance in the series. “Her blood runs through Jonathan Morgenstern. It was her blood that Valentine used to experiment on poor young Jonathan,” Slavkin added.

How Lilith came into the human world

Of course, Jonathan summoned her in his dying breath. To recap, in the season 2 Finale, “Beside Still Water,” we saw Sebastian/Jonathan crawl into safety after he fell from the bridge during his fight with Jace. The shadowhunter kicked him off from the bridge after he stabbed him in the back.

Jonathan managed to call his mother before he took his last breath. His summon opened a deep hole on the ground which brought out the flying demon. It also awakened Lilith.

What Lilith’s presence means for the heroes in the “Shadowhunters” season 3

Given that the new season is based on “City of Glass,” it is likely that Lilith uses Jace to bring Jonathan back from the dead. In the book, she possessed Jace and forced him to hurt those close to him.