Kyrie Irving might not be playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers this coming NBA regular season, then he most probably would end up in the Miami Heat, Spurs or Clippers team, all because of his appreciation with Jerry West’s opinions when it comes to running a team.

Kyrie Irving interested in joining Miami Heat?

On July of 2017, almost three months before the 2017-2018 regular season starts, Kyrie Irving appealed to Dan Gilbert, owner of his current team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, that he prefers to be traded to another and rumors are emerging that he might end up in the LA Clippers, Phoenix Suns, San Antonio Spurs or Miami Heat.

If he gets involved in Heat, he will be playing alongside shooting guard Dion Waiters, whom he played with back in 2012 when both of them were still in the Cavaliers.

And while a month has passed and the clock is ticking, he remains where he is. This delay might be a signal that there is going to be no trade yet for Irving. In the Phoenix Suns’ side, forward Josh Jackson spoke in a radio interview regarding the four-time NBA All-Star’s request saying “I got a feeling that the trade really wasn't going to happen."

Jackson was actually close to being traded as he was suitable for the requirements yet the Suns immediately refused to do so which leaves the 20-year-old NBA player to have a calmer transition towards his professional career without getting tangled in any trade.

Irving reportedly wants to be in a new NBA team this season

Irving’s request for a new team is still slowly moving as the top teams in the league are probably focused on practice for the new season. Another team that might have Irving is the San Antonio Spurs which was rumored to be his top choice.

It is possible that the Cavs are a little disappointed over Irving’s decision which makes the trade a little slow to process considering the kind of player they want in exchange.

Unfortunately, he does not want to play under Lebron James’ shadow anymore even though they have been quite the trophies for the Cavs with Lebron taking the lead most of the time.

If Kyrie Irving does indeed get transferred to another team, it will picture yet another exciting season for the NBA league. Fans would be looking forward to a court with Kyrie and Lebron do not wear the same jersey. Although Irving’s name remains significant with his NBA All Star records, difficult factors come into the picture which delays his request.