There have been tons of trade talks concerning Cleveland's star Kyrie Irving. Since the Cavaliers acquired Derrick Rose, an Irving exit in the coming season seems to be a serious possibility.

Many teams have been mentioned as a possible destination for Irving, who seems to want out of Cleveland. The list of teams has been nearly endless as rumors about the Bulls, Knicks and Clippers have all been reported.

Irving to the Spurs?

Recently though, it was reported by ESPN that if Irving was to be traded to the Spurs, then it would likely be for a Long Term deal.

There are many reasons why a long term deal might make sense for Irving. Irving has not had any truly spectacular coaches during his time with Cleveland, especially since his teammate LeBron James tends to overshadow the coaches. But in San Antonio, Irving would be coached by Gregg Popovich, perhaps the best coach in the NBA.

The Spurs also have a bright future with Kawhi Leonard, perhaps the best defensive player in the league and one of the best overall players in the NBA.

It would make sense for Irving to want to commit longterm to such a stable franchise, one that has had tremendous success over the past several decades. It would simultaneously take Irving out of the shadow of LeBron and potentially make the Spurs a contender in the Western Conference.

It would be tough to see the move putting the Spurs past the Golden State Warriors though, whose lineup is nearly unstoppable.

The problems with the trade rumors

While Irving likely would want to commit to the team if he were traded to them, Cleveland likely won't trade him to the Spurs. Cleveland will likely lose LeBron James to LA after this coming season.

Cleveland needs a future, and all the Spurs have to offer is older players. The franchise has even reportedly confirmed that they want young talent, and that is something that the old Spurs don't have in abundance.

If Irving does head to the Spurs, he likely won't be heading back to the NBA Finals anytime soon. The Western Conference is stacked with formidable contenders.

The Golden State Warriors especially may be one of the most talented teams of all time, and will likely remain that way for at least the next two or three years.

It is unclear where Irving will end up. Despite his wishes to commit to San Antonio, such trade would not make sense for Cleveland, and would likely be an irresponsible move for them. There has been no indication that Kawhi Leonard would be involved in any trade.