Bruno Mars is humming a celebratory tune these days. Not only did fans just welcome the video he dropped for his hit single "Versace on the Floor" but his "24K Magic World Tour" has also been drawing big crowds.

The video instantaneously created a stir online. Playing a huge part in the video is former Disney star, Zendaya. The young actress just made her massive debut alongside Tom Holland in "Spiderman: Homecoming."

Zendaya's eye-riveting appearance

In the "Versace on the Floor" video, Zendaya plays the young pseudo-love interest of the pop singer.

As Bruno Mars saunters into the hotel hallway, Zendaya catches his eye. They then proceed to enter their respective rooms, the singer sits down at a piano and belts out the silky tune, enrapturing Zendaya on the other side of the wall.

The 20-year-old American actress-singer nails her role as the sexy counterpart in the Bruno Mars video. She emerges as the highlight of the musical project. Several Bruno Mars fans noticed the use of shades of purple for the video. One self-proclaimed fan of Bruno Mars tweeted how she loved all the purple, and also the scene when Zendaya falls in the bed.

One of the "Chunky" singer's followers, Katty Hooligan, posted on Twitter that is surprising for anyone to be so sensual and sweet at the same time.

A handful of other Bruno Mars fans, however, begged to disagree. They expressed that they were expecting someone more mature for the part of the girl that would be featured in the video of the hit song "Versace on the Floor."

24K Magic World tour selling well

Fans were also ecstatic seeing their pop singing idol take the concert stage by storm again.

Mars recently took to Instagram and Twitter to thank the states where he performed for the warm reception to his performance. Among these places were Vegas, Portland, and Cleveland.

Fans who have seen Mars perform in these places have stated on social media how amazing and spectacular the concert was. He and his backup dancers will bring "24K Magic World Tour" to Asian countries like the Philippines in 2018.

Indeed, Bruno Mars is among the most followed artists on social media and other forms of media today. On Instagram, he has been hailed as the next global superstar. He has a huge following not only in America and Europe but also all over Asia. The talented artist who is passionate about his craft also recently shared on Instagram and tweeted a snap of himself with the Obamas, thrilling his online followers even more.