The AMC’s television hit series The Walking Dead producers filed a lawsuit against the cable network, over a dispute in a share of profit, serving only to the best interest of the cable network.

The lawsuit was filed on Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court. The legal action also involves “Fear the Walking Dead” which is a spinoff, and the after-show “Talking-Dead.”

'The Walking Dead' lawsuit

According to the TWD Lawsuit, the cable channel is seeking for a greater share of profits in the show. The producers of “The Walking Dead” also claims that AMC has a significant amount of money that was supposed to be the share of the producers and that it is being held back from them.

As the eighth season of the show premieres, the lawsuit has become a barrier that has strained the relationship between the cable network to the show’s main producers.

The legal action also involves a lawsuit filed by Frank Darabont, who was one of the creators of hit adventure-drama and was fired during the second season. Darabont is going after the case and pursuing more than $200 million in damages.

There have been existing gaps between the network and the producers and creators of “The Walking Dead.”

Last week, it was reported that Robert Kirkman, an executive producer and one of the creators of the show left and moved to Amazon. This was seen as an early sign that the relationship between AMC and the producers of the show has already been strained and damaged.

'The Walking Dead' dispute over profit share distribution

The TWD lawsuit was filed by Robert Kirkman, Glenn Mazzara, Gale Ann Hurd, and David Alpert. The producers claim that the damage since the first season is resulting to almost $1 billion.

According to Entertainment Weekly, AMC stated the case filed against them, saying that these kinds of lawsuits are rather common to the entertainment industry and that they follow success.

AMC added that for a studio that has had successful shows like “The Walking Dead” has always been a target of such litigations.

The show has been one of the longest-running zombie-themed TV shows, and it has always been a hit since the beginning, AMC’s side is not surprised to encounter these kinds of lawsuits against them. In their statement, AMC emphasized that they have utmost respect for the plaintiffs and that they will continue to work with them as partners, although they see this lawsuit as opportunistic.