Mindy Kaling, the American actress, comedian, and writer, has confirmed that she is pregnant. The lady best known for her Hulu series, "The Mindy Project," confirmed the rumors about her pregnancy on Tuesday. It seems as though Mindy's next project is her baby and she can't wait to be a mother. That's not to say that she is going to be working any less. The talented writer and actress told media that she will still be working just as hard and that she has many new projects in the pipelines.

Her thoughts on being a mother

According to CNN, Kaling spoke about her pregnancy on NBC's "Today Show." She told the show's host, Willie Geist, that pregnancy is a completely new adventure for her.

The first-time Mom-to-be admitted that while she has control over most aspects of her life, this is one area where she has no semblance of control. There is a baby developing inside her and there is nothing she can do about it and she actually finds it rather fun.

Kaling joked that having a baby would mean that she would finally be allowed to criticize other parents. But she turned serious shortly thereafter, lovingly mentioning her mother who had lost her battle with pancreatic cancer, according to USA Today. The actress told fans that she had loved her mother's open-mindedness and that that is a quality she would like to have as a mother. It is however still unclear who the father of her child is.

How will this affect her work?

Kaling has said that not even pregnancy will stop her from getting things done. She told the "Today Show" that actors can be extremely sneaky and that Hollywood is well trained in masking pregnancy. According to CNN, Kaling is currently filming the final series of "The Mindy Project." After that, she is set to start filming a new NBC series titled "Champions.

" NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke told the press that Kaling's pregnancy would not have any impact on the release date of this new show.

Salke mentioned "Modern Family" as an example of a show that managed to mask a pregnant actor. Julia Bowens was 8 months pregnant with twins while filming the popular television series and if you are to watch the show, you would never guess.

Kaling's pregnancy is sure to be treated as the blessing that it is, rather than any sort of burden.

Her fans all wish her the very best and they hope that she has a healthy and happy pregnancy. They cannot wait to see the newest "Mindy Project," an adorable baby.