"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that actor Matthew Ashford is reportedly headed back to "DOOL" in the near future. The actor is set to reprise his role as Jack Deveraux sometime in the next six months. According to Soap Hub, Jack will be back in Salem very soon, but it seems unclear on how long his stint will be.

Jack is back!

While many "Days Of Our Lives" fans would love to have Jack Deveraux back on a permanent basis, it seems that Matthew Ashford may only be returning for a short stint on the show. As many "DOOL" fans know, Jack was killed after saving his daughter Abigail's life, and falling down an elevator shaft.

He left behind his mourning family, wife Jennifer, and children Abigail and JJ. However, Ashford has been seen on the NBC soap following Jack's death.

Matthew Ashford reportedly returning

Last year, as Jennifer Horton was going through a very tough time in her life, Jack often appeared to her as a source of strength and comfort. This time around, it seems that "Days of our Lives" fans could see much of the same, as Matthew Ashford is rumored to be appearing only for a limited time on "DOOL." Since Jennifer's life is basically back in order, there must be some big reason why Jack would return to her, and it could be due to her love life.

Will Jack return to help Jennifer with her love life?

As many "Days of our Lives" viewers know, Jennifer has had a few romances since Jack's death, with Dr.

Daniel Jonas being one of the only serious ones. However, recently, Jennifer and Eric Brady have shared some very romantic moments, and the couple could be getting back together in the future. While Eric is seemingly all wrapped up in Nicole at the moment, actress Arianne Zucker is leaving the role of Nicole, meaning Ms. Walker will likely be gone from Salem in the next couple of months.

Perhaps then Jen and Eric will get another shot at love.

Abigail and/or JJ may see their father this time around

However, it may not be Jennifer who sees Jack this time around on "Days of our Lives." Perhaps Abigail will go through a tough time and need her father, or even JJ, which would be more interesting since "DOOL" fans never really got to see Jack and JJ interact much on the show.

Perhaps JJ's love life will have him down, or even his police work. He'll need a boost from his dad, and he just may get it. It will definitely be interesting to see when, if, and how Jack Deveraux returns to Salem in the coming months.