Daniel Craig, the English actor best-known for his role as "James Bond," has announced that he is back for one final "James Bond" movie. After months of dodging the question, the actor confirmed his final appearance while talking to Stephen Colbert on "The Late Show," this Tuesday. Craig will be making his final appearance as the famous agent in the 2019 bond film.

The 'James Bond' series

The "James Bond" film series is a collection of British movies that revolve around an MI6 character, James Bond. The series is based on Ian Fleming's novels. Production for the series started in 1962, and since then 24 movies have been released as part of the franchise.

There have been six actors who have taken on the role of James Bond. The latest actor to play the infamous secret agent is the British actor, Daniel Craig.

Daniel Craig's final appearance

So far, Craig has starred in four "James Bond" movies. The movies are, "Casino Royale," "Quantum Of Solace," "Skyfall" and "Spectre." Following "Spectre," the actor was uncertain about whether he would take on the role for the fourth TIME. According to The Guardian, Craig had told media that he was still weighing up the possibilities of playing "James Bond" again and that he had to consider his reasons.

This is not what Craig said in 2015, shortly after "Spectre" was released. At the time he was so tired from all the filming that he told Time Out Magazine that he would rather kill himself than play James Bond again.

He also said that he would only consider playing the role again because of the money, according to News.au. At the time, Craig had been working out tirelessly for six months to maintain the physique he needed for the role. He had also been filming for almost a year. It is little surprise that the actor was so tired and over the whole scene.

However, on Tuesday, Craig brushed aside such words, telling Colbert that this was to be his final time in this role and that he was going to make sure he ended on a high note. His fans are certainly relieved about his announcement. Twitter has been abuzz since Tuesday with everyone discussing Craig's good news. Memes have been circulating showing Bond saving the world from Trump's decisions and people crying tears of joy following Craig's announcement.

Although nothing has been said about the 2019 film, as of yet, it is certain to be as thrilling and enthralling as all the ones before it. Fans are surely waiting with bated breath to see Craig go out in style. No one can wait for the secret agent to come back!