Mindy Kaling has finally confirmed that her recent pregnancy was indeed a lot surprising to her. Nevertheless, she still revealed that she is very excited about becoming a first-time mother to her upcoming baby. A report from CNN has shared that her long-rumored pregnancy just happened in a surprise but yet she cannot express her feelings as she will soon enter the new world of motherhood.

During her previous interview with Willie Geist, "The Mindy Project" star has confirmed that becoming pregnant was indeed not planned. She added that she has been a lot busy with the different aspects of her life; however, her sudden pregnancy has made her even more excited about her life.

Father of baby not revealed

According to the report from CNN, Kaling has never been linked to any man since then. It was also reported that Kaling has not yet disclosed the real identity of her baby's father. She has never shared a single detail about it yet. Despite being pregnant, the star has been reported working on her recent project for the final season of "Hulu" series. Further, she is also slated to begin production for her new half-hour comedy show, the "Champions."

Meanwhile, it was also learned that Kaling's new comedy show is expected to be released in the midseason of the NBC network. Amid her pregnancy news, Jennifer Salke, NBC Entertainment President, has recently told CNN that the series will not be halted despite her being pregnant.

Ongoing projects

As Kaling confirmed her long-rumored pregnancy to the public, the star has emphasized that her shows and other commitments will never be affected. In line with this, she has also confirmed that her upcoming projects will still return this September. Meanwhile, Salke has also revealed that despite Kaling's pregnancy, the star will continue to work on her shows.

The production will make some vague ways wherein her pregnancy will not seem apparent.

Salke has also recalled about Julie Bowen's pregnancy back then while at the same time filming for the "Modern Family." Perhaps, despite her 8-month pregnancy, the actress has still managed to continue working for the show. Hence, Salke is also confident that Kaling will still be able to do her job while at the same time looking forward for her motherhood.

As Kaling shared about her pregnancy, she has also added that it is not easy to criticize other parents in terms of their way of raising a child. Further, she also jokingly stated that being a mother soon will make her able to criticize other as she will finally experience what motherhood and parenting are like.