Celebrities are human and have their own problems just like ordinary people, and Kesha is one of the stars who has too much on her plate. Back in 2014, Kesha had accused her former mentor and producer, Dr. Luke, also known as Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald, of physical and mental abuse, but more than one year after she withdrew the case, Dr. Luke is still in court suing her. To complicate the matter more, Lady Gaga is standing against her, in support of the producer.

Lady Gaga will be testifying against Kesha

It was reported that Lady Gaga will be taking the stand in Gottwald's, case against Kesha.

According to the source, the singer will appear on September and has agreed to provide all the information required including the text message conversation she and Kesha had. Previously, Gaga had handed over a four-page spreadsheet, but Dr. Luke’s legal team claimed that they couldn’t understand the document. Gaga’s attorney said that she has always been ready to testify provided reasonable limitations were established.

Last month, Luke’s lawyer had accused Lady Gaga of spreading negative messages and joining Kesha’s smear campaign that was also urging Sony Music to cut their involvement with the producer. Gaga, who was very supportive of Kesha fired back at them through her representative, Amanda Silverman.

She claimed that Dr. Luke’s team was attempting to create attention of the press, manipulating the truth and falsely accusing Gaga of dodging reasonable requests.

Kesha and Dr. Luke had been in a 2-year legal battle until Kesha dropped her lawsuit in July, but Dr. Luke is still pushing it on

On October 2014, TMZ had reported that Kesha was suing Dr.

Luke for harassment and sexual assault which she claimed had lasted over ten years. Dr. Luke hit back and claimed the singer wanted to extort him and escape a legally-binding contract. He further added that Kesha, her mum, and her new management firm had tried to blackmail him into allowing her to move to a new label.

Lukasz Gottwald claimed that he was used to Kesha’s stunt and she had once threatened to provide false information to a blog unless he agreed to cancel the contract.

Kesha's lawsuit contained some shocking claims including Luke forcing the singer to take drugs the sexually assault her while she was high. Dr. Luke had also sued Pebe Sebert, Kesha’s mother on 2014 and 2016 for defamation but later dropped them in June this year.

Late July last year, Kesha dropped her lawsuit against Luke after the 2-year legal battle that had halted her music career. She wasn’t able to release songs because of her recording contract with Luke, and she had tried her best to get out of it. Unfortunately, the court didn’t rule in her favor. Kesha only option was to fulfill her obligations in the contract to get her freedom. She is now focused on reclaiming her title and place in pop music. The world is waiting to see how Dr. Luke’s defamation case against her will end.