Mindy Kaling, a famous actress, writer, and producer, has officially announced her pregnancy and is excited that she will have her first baby. According to a report from E! News, Kaling considers her bundle of joy to be a kind of unexpected surprise. A source close to Kaling confirmed that she has been very happy since learning about her pregnancy. Nevertheless, no changes will be made to her schedules regarding her upcoming projects.

Kaling loves children

The renowned actress has apparently wanted to have her own child for a long time. In one of her interviews, she revealed that she was not actively planning for it, but if her pregnancy happens, she would be very happy to deal with it.

She also told E! News that she definitely loves the idea of having children. As she carries her first bundle of joy, Kaling has seen one of her dreams come true.

She also revealed that she wouldn't choose the gender of the child as long as she becomes a mother someday. Her pregnancy is one of the things most likely to bring changes to her career. Nevertheless, the actress has already been preparing for this to happen.

Good marriage

Kaling has been busy about her project called "The Mindy Project" season 4 which will soon premiere in Hulu. Despite her busy schedule, the famous actress sat down for an interview with the press and revealed something about her Relationship. She mentioned that she always wanted to have a good marriage.

To recall, she has previously dated Benjamin Nugent between 2008 until 2012. However, both had chosen to go their separate ways. Further, she also dated B.J. Novak from 2005 until 2007. It goes to show that she had no steady relationship back then. Further, she also added that she would not choose a man to have a child with.

She also admires other couples who were blessed with good marriages. Just recently, the actress-writer penned her book entitled "Why not Me?" which revealed everything about her relationship with her previous lover, Novak. She also revealed that back in her 20s, she was already fantasizing about weddings. However, as she grew older and became busy with her career, she thinks less about marriage right now.

Her fans were all happy about the news of her pregnancy and they tweeted their congratulations after hearing about of Kaling's first bundle of joy. Further, most of her followers are also looking forward to following her journey and wish her a healthy pregnancy.