Congratulations are in order for Mindy Kaling as she is reportedly pregnant with her first child. The 38-year old actress has been one of the most influential actresses in Hollywood, proudly representing women of color through sitcoms, book launches, movies, etc.

According to E! Online, numerous reliable sources have confirmed that Mindy Kaling is a mom-to-be. Apparently, the pregnancy came as a surprise but the "A Wrinkle In Time" actress is very happy and considers the pregnancy as a delightful surprise. Since the pregnancy is still in the early stages, the production and filming schedules for Kaling will still go on as planned until further notice.

In previous interviews, Mindy Kaling has already expressed her desire to have kids. In an interview with Yahoo! Style, "the office" alum shared that unlike everything else in her life, she plans to be fast and loose when it comes to having kids. She also said that she is not into actively planning her future pregnancies and believes that if it's meant to happen, it will really happen.

Who is the father?

Mindy Kaling's pregnancy is a pleasant surprise to all of her fans, but one question remains afloat - who is the father of the child she is carrying? Currently, Kaling is not openly dating someone, which makes the identity of the father of the baby she is carrying more mysterious.

Mindy Kaling's previous boyfriends, Benjamin Nugent and fellow "The Office" alum, B.J.

Novak are inevitably suspected by the fans to be the possible father. According to LA Times, Kaling and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker had a flirty exchange on Twitter that ended up with the two of them publicly agreeing to go on a date.However, Booker eventually toned down the idea of them going out on a romantic date but told Vanity Fair in April that he thought Kaling was amazing.

Currently, Mindy Kaling's fans are very curious about who the father of her child might be. Meanwhile, reps for the "Inside Out" voice actress have yet to give an official statement regarding the issue.

All in perfect time

While Mindy Kaling's pregnancy came as a surprise to everyone, the scheduling of all her projects seems to be in perfect sync with her current situation.

"The Mindy Project" is slated to air its last season on Hulu later this year, which would give Kaling more time to rest and have a laid-back pregnancy. Mindy Kaling's pregnancy is definitely a big blessing for the actress as she has voiced out in her latest book essay, "Why Not Me" about her fear of dying when her kids are still very young because she waited too long to have them.