Kristen Bell has explained what it is really like for couples who are both in the film industry in the wake of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris' failed marriage. Bell talked about how the public should not feel that they are involved in the breakdown of someone else's marriage, and she shared some information about her own marriage to Dax Shepherd.

Kristen opened up about the reality of being a married celebrity

According to CNN, Kristen Bell has opened up about her thoughts surrounding the breakdown of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris' marriage. The star stated that the public rarely understands the nature of a marriage between two people in the film industry, and that divorces between these couples are not a surprise.

Bell explained that when both members of a married couple are in the film industry, this adds a strain to their relationship. Bell speaks from experience as she is married to Dax Sheperd, who is also involved in the industry. Kristen stated that actors are constantly on the move for different movie roles and that someone could be gone for several months. She stated that one person could be in China for fourth months and when they get back, their partner could be the one to go on the road.

Kristen has stated that she does not think that the public should be declaring that they are heartbroken for a couple and that it is incredibly insensitive for fans to be commenting about the divorce. Kristen has made her opinions on the matter very clear, and she believes that Chris Pratt and Anna Faris should be given more privacy.

The celebrity also talks about her own marriage to Dax Shepherd

According to her, Kristen Bell not only talked about marriages in the film industry but also talked about her own marriage to fellow celebrity Dax Shepherd. She stated that marriage is not easy and that she and Dax have been putting the work in for a long time. She explained that she and her husband regularly go to couple's therapy to maintain a healthy marriage and good communication.

Kristen also went on to say that when a couple is going through a breakup or a divorce that both members of the couple have to acknowledge the love that was in their relationship before it soured. She also explained that just because two people decide not to be together anymore that it should not affect anyone else.

She also stated that is she and Dax should ever get a divorce in the future then she would celebrate the wonderful marriage and time that they had together.

Neither Chris Pratt nor Anna Faris has made a comment on Kristen Bell's remarks, but one can assume that they would appreciate the support.