JoJo Fletcher has shared her honest opinions about fellow "The Bachelorette" star Rachel Lindsay and her engagement to Bryan Abasolo. JoJo claimed that she was surprised by Rachel's choice but is happy for her and has offered her some advice when it comes to the pressure to marry. JoJo also opened up about her own engagement with fiancé Jordan Rodger.

Fletcher lets her opinions be known

According to Us Magazine, both JoJo Fletcher and Rachel Lindsay featured on the TV series titled "The Bachelorette" and have both received criticism for the men that they ended up choosing at the end of their respective seasons.

However, Fletcher has come forwards and stated that she was exceptionally surprised by Rachel's choice of Bryan Abasolo.

Fletcher has stated that since the public wanted Rachel to get together with the fan favorite Peter Kraus by the end of the season that it was a surprise for everyone when Rachel chose Jordan instead. Fletcher has stated that she would not be surprised if she saw Peter Kraus on the next season of "The Bachelor" as he was very popular with the fans.

She also commended Kraus for the way that he handled things with Rachel Lindsay and the grace he had when she chose Abasolo instead of him. In a report by People magazine, Fletcher also had some words of wisdom for former The Bachelorette" star Rachel Lindsay with her engagement.

She stated that the public is never truly going to know how someone feels and that Lindsay has to embrace all of the support that she is currently getting. Fletcher knows first-hand how negative the media can be and is encouraging Rachel to block all of the negativity out in this exciting time in her life.

Fletcher opens up about her own engagement

According to People Magazine, JoJo Fletcher has also opened up about her own engagement to Jordan Rodgers and has explained that they are comfortable with where they are in their relationship. She explained that at the beginning of the engagement she felt a lot of pressure to be married but felt that she was not ready.

She stated that instead of getting married in the midst of all the talk and pressure about her and Jordan's relationship she claimed that the couple is simply enjoying being with one another. Fletcher has confirmed that she and Jordan will Tie The Knot eventually but only when they are both ready to do so.

It appears that JoJo Fletcher is extremely happy with where she and Jordan are right now and is in no hurry to tie the knot.