Hollywood lost another endearing married couple when Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced their divorce earlier this week. The reason for their separation was not divulged but they emphasized in their joint statement that they will always love and respect each other. Pratt and Faris have a 4-year old son together, Jack. Currently, neither of them have appeared in public after the announcement of separation. While a third party might be a plausible cause of their separation, more people are leaning towards a genuine falling out between the couple.

According to Hollywood Life. the 40-year old actress revealed that she misses the guy she fell in love with.

Of course, this has fueled speculations that Chris Pratt may have changed a lot which may be attributed to his rise to fame. Looking back on their eight years of marriage, while Anna Faris stayed mostly at home to be a full-time mom to their son, Pratt was getting projects here and there. The fame and fortune may have changed him as a husband and a father, and it might have caused a strain in their relationship.

Struggling to save their marriage

According to Hollywood Life, Anna Faris has been trying to keep their marriage afloat for almost a year. It is worth noting that Chris Pratt has been busy with the movie "Passengers" together with his co-star, Jennifer Lawrence. Speaking of Jennifer Lawrence, she was initially tagged as the possible reason for Pratt and Faris' separation.

This is not the first time that Lawrence's name was dragged into their marriage.

In fact, Anna Faris has already addressed the issue last year and she bluntly admitted that there are times when the third party rumors get to her, especially when she is left all alone with her son while Pratt is busy working or promoting his movie.

However, it looks like Jennifer Lawrence is not guilty of being the third party because she is currently in a relationship with the well-known director, Darren Aronofsky.

Becoming an action hero

Chris Pratt's career gained traction when he top-billed the box office movies like "Jurassic World" and "Guardians Of The Galaxy." According to Hollywood Life, while Pratt was rising to fame as an action hero, the quality of his marriage with Anna Faris was already dwindling.

With less time spent with his wife and son, the marriage began to go downhill.

The old Chris Pratt with a beer belly has transformed into an action hero with killer abs. Although the transformation is commendable, Anna Faris revealed that she actually misses the old Chris Pratt, belly flabs and all.