Getting married and staying married are both difficult. And when Hollywood power couple Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced their legal separation, many fans had broken hearts. Concerned, famous actress Kristen Bell shared some advice.

Kristen Bell’s secret in her marriage

Hollywood actress Kristen Bell is famous for being the voice behind “Ana” in the hit Disney Movie “Frozen.” Being married to actor Dax Shepard, the actress is very familiar with the issues and problems that couples face. Although Bell is living in a happy marriage, the actress admits that keeping her marriage strong and full of love is a challenging task.

Kristen Bell spoke to CNN about the challenges of Hollywood couples. As a Hollywood star herself, Bell knows that working in the Industry sometimes require couples to live apart. This is particularly inevitable when actors are required to shoot movies or do projects that are set on the opposite side of the globe. In order to fulfill their jobs as actors, they often have to endure being separated from their family for days, months and even years.

Bell clarified that she loves her husband and that her marriage is doing great. But she acknowledged that making things work is challenging. Bell shared that the only secret to her happy marriage is constantly working for it to work. The actress shared that she and her husband often go to couple’s therapy.

Belle believes that in marriage, arguments must only be treated as disagreements and couples should sit down and talk to each other to resolve them.

Bell reached out to all the broken hearted fans of Pratt and Faris. According to the actress, fans should be proud of the couple instead of being sad because at least Chirs and Anna tried to fix their relationship.

She also added that it is really sad when relationships come to an end but separation does not discount the lovely years that the couple has spent together.

Patti Stanger on Chris Pratt And Anna Faris’ Breakup

The split of Hollywood’s power couple Chris Pratt and Anna Faris did not only affect their fans. Hollywood actors have also expressed how the news of their break up made them sad.

But matchmaker of the stars, Patti Stanger is still hoping that the former couple will find their way back to each.

Patti Stanger is one of the closest friends of the Pratt-Faris couple. Stanger has been hinting unconfirmed updates about the status of the separated couple. Forward quotes Stanger as saying that Chris is still living in the couple’s home.