Kristen Bell commented on the separation of Anna Faris and Chris Pratt, noting that fans should stop being heartbroken over the news. Faris and Pratt announced their separation earlier this week. Pratt and Faris had been married for eight years and pointed out in their joint statement that they tried for a very long time to make their marriage work. The two share a son together and said in their statement that they will still work together to co-parent him. They then asked for privacy during this difficult time.

Bell’s comments

Bell was one of the celebrities who celebrated the launch of Naked Juice’s #DrinkGoodDoGood campaign, which took place at the Little River Café in New York City earlier this week.

She commented on the break-up of Pratt and Faris, noting that there is a lack of acknowledgement about “really loving something that was.”

She said that people who decide that they no longer want to be together should not be a heartbreak for everyone because people should be happy that they tried. She also said that the break-up does not make the “lovely years they had together” a reduction of what they shared. Bell even said that if she and Dax Shepard were to get a divorce in the future, she would still think to herself that she loved being married to him, E! News reported.

Bell thinks separation due to work took a toll on their relationship

Bell said that she does not believe “Hollywood” in general gets in the way and is the reason for most divorces in the entertainment industry.

However, she did acknowledge that the industry sends people away from their families for months to shoot a film and she thinks that separation can weigh on people.

Keeping her marriage to Shepard alive is hard work and she revealed that they even go to couple’s therapy to make sure that they are talking with respect about each other.

She also said that whenever they do not agree on one thing, they prefer to look at it as a disagreement rather than an argument. She and Shepard have been married for almost four years now, Us Weekly reported.

Bell also told the publication that she disagrees with Shepard on a lot of issues but because they have “wonderful, intense valued conversations,” she always sees his point so it is difficult to disagree.

The two also have two daughters -- four-year-old Lincoln and two-year-old Delta -- so they make sure to show them how to resolve a disagreement. She said that even if they are not genuinely sorry after a fight, they have to show their kids that they need to apologize after a disagreement.