On Thursday morning, Katy Perry dropped a new music video for her single "Swish Swish" which was in rival with Taylor Swift's new single. The 32-year old pop singer has made all her fans surprised with her latest video release. It has been believed that Perry has dropped off the new video to beat Swift's new album which was also announced on Thursday. It was a basketball-themed video and it featured the pop singer teaming up with Nicki Minaj.

References to the ongoing feud

During the release of their respective albums, controversy simply won't go away from Perry and Swift.

Inside Edition reported that Perry's new video for "Swish Swish" is believed to be a reference to their long-time feud. Despite Minaj appearance on the video, fans couldn't help but speculate about the escalating conflict between the two popular pop singers through their music albums.

In line with this, viewers of "Swish Swish" music video have also speculated that the basketball teams, "The Sheep" and "The Tigers," which were mentioned in the clip were meant to refer Perry and Swift. However, these things remained to be speculations until Perry's camp will address this new rumors. Meanwhile, the popular rapper Minaj was also seen wearing a costume which was also believed to have a complete resemblance to Swift's single, "Bad Blood."

Perry's high-profile gigs

In line with her new music video release, Entertainment Tonight has reported that this month has been a great month for the young singer.

It has been reported that Perry is finally gearing up for the upcoming 2017 MTV Video Music Awards that is set to happen on August 27. Several weeks ago, it has been learned that the pop singer has been eyed to host the big event. Meanwhile, it was also revealed that Swift will be attending the music award on Sunday. Apparently, their fans couldn't help but speculate about ending their feud during the big event.

However, Garrett English, the show's producer, has cleared up the rumors that Perry and Swift won't have any performance at all. Further, he also added that rumors have been flying in and out everywhere and it has been learned to be false.

Amid their escalating rumors, it is good to know that both of them have been busy working on their respective careers.

As of this time, Perry has been mum over the recent issue and is yet to give comments about it. On the other hand, millions of fans are now looking forward to the first single which Swift is about to release on Friday.