"Wonder Woman" actress Gal Gadot has recently shared about the great challenges she faced while filming the movie and her upcoming project, "Justice League." The Israeli actress has revealed that working on these blockbuster movies was not an easy thing for her not only because of the villainous characters but because she had to fight her morning sickness. The news has been confirmed by Today that Gadot has gone through great lengths in order to hide her pregnancy on the screen and from her co-stars. Amid the news, this made her fans praise the actress even more for her commitment to the movie.

'Wonder Woman' with a bump

In one of her latest interviews, the Israeli actress jokingly described the effort that the production crew made in order to hide her pregnancy. She has also considered herself as the only "Wonder Woman" with a bump on the tummy. She revealed on "Today" that they once cut open her costume in order for it to fit on her. Nevertheless, Gadot has found it more exciting and funny at the same time.

Further, the actress has also added that her pregnancy was even hidden to some of her male co-stars. The Israeli actress also revealed that she didn't want to have a special attention on the set considering that she is pregnant. Hence, she has waited quite a long time before she made mention about her pregnancy to the "Justice League" stars.

Amid her pregnancy, she has always kept her mind focus that her job must be successfully done.

Top-grossing movie

Despite the challenges that Gadot has endured while filming the blockbuster movie, "Wonder Woman" has landed being the top-grossing movie worldwide. According to the recent reports from Today, the film gained around $800 million sales around the world.

It was also reported to be the most popular movie that was ever directed by a woman named Patty Jekins.

In line with the success of her recent movie, the Israeli actress has made names around the world. She has served as a role model for every girl and woman who desired to be a woman of value and strength. After 75 years of making the debut on the big screen, "Wonder Woman" movie has indeed left a great legacy among its viewers.

Meanwhile, Gadot was also grateful for having given such character role. She added that she was blessed to be recognized as a woman of strength of this generation.

Meanwhile, amid her pregnancy, the actress is now currently at work on her upcoming film, "Justice League," together with other popular actors. Further details of the movie were not revealed yet but it is believed to hit theaters really soon.