Over the years that Katy Perry has spent in the music industry, fans knew her as someone who is bubbly, bright and focused on empowering women. In fact, her controversial on-off feud with fellow music icon, Taylor Swift, has caught the attention of her fans as the "Dark Horse" singer revealed that at some point, she gets irritated with the issue especially since it attacks her character and persona as a whole. Artists like Katy Perry are believed to live a double life - one that gets shown to the public while the other is their true self, the one that's closer to their real persona, the one that they have to deal with at the end of the day.

A viral video is going around the internet featuring Katy Perry's raw therapy session on Friday night. During the said therapy session, the 32-year old singer openly discussed everything - from her struggles with her identity down to the real reason behind the pixie haircut that she's currently sporting.

The era of purposeful pop

According to reports, Katy Perry's live stream video is part of the release of her upcoming album, branded as a "purposeful pop" genre, "Witness." It was supposed to be a reality-show kind of live stream, showing the fans of the "Chained To The Rhythm" singer her daily routine and activities - from meditation, yoga, parties and evening relaxation.

On Friday, things got a wee bit personal and emotional when the "Firework" singer sat down and chatted with Dr.

Siri Sat Nam Singh, the host of Viceland's "The Therapist." During the therapy session, they discussed Katy Perry's desire to live a more genuine and purposeful life, which, the multi-awarded singer has reportedly been wanting to do since she drew an "authenticity" card in the wake of her last album, "Prism."

Divided by different personalities

During the therapy session, the "Hot N Cold" singer opened up that she sometimes has a hard time deciphering if she's the Katy Perry the pop star, Katheryn Hudson or simply the dork that most of her friends and family know.

According to reports, the major dichotomy that the pop star is feeling has been the main reason why she went ahead and had a pixie haircut. It was reportedly an attempt to not look like Katy Perry anymore, an attempt to separate herself from her popular image. The singer also admitted that there were moments in her life when she pondered about suicide, but never really lingered because of her busy schedule and her fans.

Many of the bashers on social media criticized her drastic hair change and even blamed it on her breakup with Orlando Bloom, saying that "The One That Got Away" singer has not really moved on yet from her breakup with the "Pirates Of The Caribbean" actor.