Mandy Harvey is a 29-year-old deaf singer who partook in "America's Got Talent" reality competition. Harvey won the hearts of thousands of viewers around the world with her emotional and original performance on Wednesday night. During her recent appearance on the show, Harvey got a Simon Cowell golden buzzer which allowed her to advance to the competition's semi-finals. The Metro reported that Harvey has revealed how she battled with her slow loss of hearing as she grew up, finally becoming deaf when she was 18 years old. However, her situation didn't stop her from pursuing her dreams and her love for music.

Original track performance

As Harvey returned on stage for the competition, the deaf singer wowed the judges and the audiences of "America's Got Talent" with her interpretation of an original soundtrack entitled, "Mara's Song." Harvey wrote the song herself for her cousin Mara's wedding. The deaf singer has captured everyone's hearts with her soulful and emotional performance. In fact, Cowell found it hard to describe how well she delivered the song on stage.

Her recent performance earned her a standing ovation after she performed the original song with her ukelele. An emotional Cowell shared, "All I’m gonna say is you are and you will make a difference. That was stunning."

Meanwhile, Mel B also shared her comments to the deaf singer and she added that Harvey has the ability to make impossible possible.

Harvey did taken all the judges and audiences of "America's Got Talent" on her emotional journey.

First performance

Harvey's first performance in "America's got Talent" moved all the judges and the audience for the first time when she sang the song, "Try." She also captured the hearts of the audience when she also shared about her hearing loss back in 2006.

According to the Metro, Harvey was one of seven contestants who have advanced to the competition's semi-finals.

Despite being deaf, Harvey manages to continue singing by feeling the music vibrations and that has allowed her to pursue her dreams. According to a report by Denver Post, Harvey has continued to wow the judges of the reality competition since day one.

Other contestants who got the golden buzzer were Celine Tam, whose performance caused a clash between Mel B and Cowell over her choice of songs.

"America's got Talent" continues to air every Tuesday and Wednesday in the United States and will also air in the UK on Tuesday nights through TruTV.