Justin Beiber had left millions of his fans in shock when he suddenly Canceled all the remaining dates for his "Purpose" world tour. Nevertheless, they also couldn't help but understand the decision of the singer. Meanwhile, amid the news, Beiber has finally broken his silence and he revealed that he has let negativity to rule over his life.

On early Thursday morning, a report from E! News has confirmed that the singer took to Instagram and posted a lengthy message for all his fans. As he shared, he has been grateful for the love and support that everyone has given him.

In fact, he felt sad for canceling his remaining shows; however, he has felt the need for doing so.

Message of gratitude

As Beiber stated his message, he added that he has considered all his fans as a huge part of his success and journey. Beiber was also thankful for he was able to make it through the adversities of his life together with his followers and supporters. Further, the young singer has also revealed that learning and growing at his age was never an easy thing. Nevertheless, he was always at ease knowing that he has been loved by all his fans around the world.

As the message continued, everyone was shocked when he started sharing about his insecurities and jealousy with life. He further revealed that somehow he has also allowed her broken relationships to have dictated his present life.

His past relationships have greatly affected him on the way he treated people and the way he has acted on them. Hence, he added that he wanted to be the man whom will learn most from his mistakes for him to become the kind of man he wanted to be.

Increase of faith

Amid the news, some people still couldn't stop speculating that Beiber simply wanted to increase his faith and hence, he has to cancel all his tours.

His strong ties with Hillsong Church and Pastor Carl Lenz were believed to be among the reasons why the singer wanted to be out from the spotlight for the meantime. Further, the singer even added that he simply wanted to improve himself. He simply wanted to be surrounded by people who would certainly help him become the person he wanted to be.

On his recent statement, Beiber wrote, "I am extremely blessed to have people in the past few years who help me build my character back up reminding me of who I am and who I want to be!" Further, the Grammy winner further explained that his tour break will not be permanent and he will still continue to work in order to achieve a more sustainable career.