Sofia Vergara simply feels confident over her body at age 45. Just recently, the "Modern Family" TV actress has substantially captured the attention of many as she posed for an entirely Nude Photo for Women's health cover issue. The actress looked undeniably gorgeous for the magazine's upcoming September cover. Further, a report from AOL has also shared that Vergara felt that her body has changed a lot over the years. Nevertheless, she still feels confident stripping nude as she showed off her toned physique.

'Women's Health' September issue

The "Modern Family" actress has given all the credits of her body for the kind of workout she has indulged herself with.

Without a doubt, Vergara has maintained her toned figure, and it looked as if she hasn't aged at all. In one of her latest interviews, the actress has also revealed that her husband, Joe Manganiello, has appreciated her a lot for just being herself.

Meanwhile, she also revealed that posing nude for the cover of "Women's Health" September issue simply means a lot to her. She further added that it had been her way of sending a message to all women to be proud of their body. At the age of 45, Vergara has been proud that she can still show off her body without thinking about the limits. Nevertheless, she also revealed that her husband had his second thoughts after learning that the photo shoot will be completely nude.

Aging gracefully

According to the recent article from AOL, Vergara has shared that she doesn't mind aging at all. She already has accepted the fact that everyone will come close to aging. However, what matters is how you take good care of yourself. During her statement, Vergara has also emphasized that she wanted to look great for her age.

Right now, she has been working hard to look a lot younger and fresh.

She even revealed that at times she felt a lot fluttered when people would think of her looking young like her 20s.

Meanwhile, the actress has also shared about her bra size, and she admitted that she isn't shy talking about it anytime. During her nude photo shoot, she revealed that she could barely cover her breast with her two arms. Hence, she hasn't thought that nude photo shoots will work well on her.

Further, the actress has accepted the kind of body she has, and she believed that it is one of the secrets of loving herself more. She only strives hard on eating healthy and spending her time most on her workouts. Looking best on all occasions has been a great thing for her.