Did I just hear "Poquito" in Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi's "Despacito"? Or was it "Dorito"? Apparently, you heard both in #Justin Bieber's rendition of the popular song. In several fan cams, the "What Do You Mean" singer was captured singing the song at a nightclub where he candidly said that he does not memorize the entire song, particularly its Spanish verses.

'I don't know the words'

The 23-year-old stated he would either say "Poquito" or "Dorito" whenever he forgets the lyrics of "Despacito." In another clip, Bieber was heard blabbering "Babababa" for some verses of the hit song.

Despite his failure to remember the Spanish words, the singer smoothly delivered the English parts of Fonsi's track.

The viral videos came after Fonsi and Yankee revealed Bieber's insistence on singing the Spanish parts of the song. The Puerto Rican artist said they have prepared the English lyrics of "Despacito" for their collaboration with the Canadian singer; however, the "Cold Water" artist promised to learn the Spanish version.

Bieber even practiced the enunciation of each Spanish words which impressed both Fonsi and Yankee. The artists behind the top-charting hit were also delighted that Bieber was able to notice "Despacito" and initiated the collaboration for the remix version.

Fonsi narrated Bieber was in Colombia when he heard his song and saw how the audience reacted.

After that, the Canadian singer personally contacted them and asked if can be on board for the remix. Without any hesitation, Fonsi and Yankee said yes and the rest is history.

Fonsi and Yankee admitted hearing Bieber singing in Spanish has made the song "even better." After being impressed by Bieber's ability to learn the foreign language for "Despacito" remix, Fonsi thought the young singer has the potential to make a crossover in Latin music.

Yankee, on the other hand, has nothing but kind words about Bieber. He even described him as "awesome" and said that they "respect him a lot."

'Despacito' with Rihanna?

After having Bieber for the remix of the hit song, Yankee and Fonsi are now eyeing to produce another version of "Despacito" with a female artist. The Fonsi named Rihanna as his potential target, while Yankee suggested they can also collaborate with Beyonce.

Meanwhile, Fonsi and Yankee recently took the stage of "The Voice" to perform the popular song with contestant Mark Isaiah who took Bieber's part. The Puerto Rican singer even said he felt honored to be performing on the show.