Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband, Austin Forsyth, just announced on Wednesday that they are finally expecting their first Child after three months of tying the knot back in May. The 19-year old "Counting On" star revealed how happy and thankful they were for having such gift. She also added that she looked forward to Austin to become a first-time dad and to raise all their children together.

Baby news

The latest baby news of the Duggar family was an unexpected surprise to their followers. To recall, the couple tied the knot back in May following their three-month engagement.

Since then, the couple was reported to move into Arkansas and started to attend the same church as one happy family. As they expect for the arrival of their first child, the couple will quite have their parenting system from Joy-Anna's sisters, Entertainment Tonight reported.

Jill and Jessa Duggar both have their respective children, and perhaps, they could somehow help their sister Joy-Anna regarding parenting techniques. Meanwhile, Josh, her brother, is also reportedly expecting his fifth child with wife, Anna. It was in March when Josh and Anna broke the pregnancy news on their website.

The couple has also revealed how they fought to save their marriage and to give more time to their children.

Josh also added that rebuilding a life becomes easy if only things are taken a single step at a time. Apparently, Joy-Anna's pregnancy is indeed an addition to the growing Duggar Family. Joy-Anna is also the youngest among the siblings and is among the last one to finally have her first born.

Next stage of life

In line with the news that Joy-Anna and husband have shared to the social media, the couple is also believed to be excited for the next stage of their lives.

According to People, the young star has counted all the good memories that her mom has taught her in her childhood. She also wanted to do the same thing to her upcoming children.

She further added that being a parent is such an amazing thing and a blessing that she finally looks forward together with her husband. Joy-Anna has also shared that Austin is starting to cherish every moment he experienced towards fatherhood.

The 19-year old actress also looked forward to the different stages that she'll finally experience on her pregnancy.

On the other hand, Austin also shared that it feels beyond blessed to become a dad. Perhaps, he feels a lot excited and thankful for their first child.