Joy-Anna Duggar is on her way to marrying Austin Forsyth. Their courtship began last year and they officially got engaged some time in the last few weeks. The announcement was made last week and both families are incredibly happy. While it is widely known that the Duggar family lives by strict rules and even stricter courting rules, very little was known about the Forsyth family.

Because both families are incredibly religious, there is no dating allowed for their children. They are taught all about courting and seeking a potential husband. If you accept a courtship offer or extend one, you need to be prepared to marry the person who is asking or you are asking.

There are no dinner dates alone, kissing at all, and sex is absolutely forbidden. The purpose of courting is to get to know one another, and everything physical is saved for the wedding night.

Meet the Forsyths

Up until now, very little was known about the Forsyth family. Austin was introduced to Duggar fans on the season finale of "Counting On." His parents own a camp, Fort Rock Family Camp, in Arkansas. They are part of the same church the Duggars attend and immediately following the announcement of Joy-Anna and Austin's courtship, they updated their website to include a photo with her. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar spoke at a marriage retreat at their camp last fall, commenting about how happy they were about the new courtship between their daughter and the Forsyth's son.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Austin Forsyth appeared on a reality show several years ago. It was based on strict parents who took in troubled kids to try and get them straight. The Forsyths were teaching a Sunday school lesson on dating and talked about how it leads to divorce. They are incredibly against dating and fully believe in the ways of courting.

A wedding is coming

Joy-Anna Duggar will be Mrs. Austin Forsyth at some point in the near future. No details have been revealed about the wedding. Speculation is it will happen at some point this year, making 2017 one of the busiest years for the Duggars.