Joy-Anna Duggar was the target of fans’ flak recently after she shared on her and Austin Forsyth’s Instagram account Joe Duggar and Kendra Caldwell’s Wedding Registry. The Duggar daughter’s well-meaning post was seen as a solicitation of gifts from even the uninvited guests.

Austin Forsyth's wife received flak on social media

Joy-Anna posted her brother’s wedding registry with a caption that says she was so happy for Joe and Kendra getting married. She also wrote that marriage is amazing. However, the post received negative comments from fans and non-fans alike.

One wrote that the Duggars are shameless, no decorum, tactless, and no manners.

Austin Forsyth and his wife’s Facebook page where the wedding registry was also promoted also received flak from users. But even if they have detractors, the Duggar family has legions of supporters that will defend them especially if they are attacked on social media.

One member of the Duggar clan that received criticisms lately was Jill Duggar-Dillard who delivered her second baby on July 8. The comments say that they were not qualified to continue doing missionary works because they lack the necessary educational requirement. They got no formal training for doing ministry. Some question the money donated by fans for the mission expedition of Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard.

Joe and Kendra will get married on October 7 in Rogers, Arkansas as stated in their wedding registry. The proposal happened during Joy-Anna and Austin’s wedding reception. The newly-engaged couple asked the permission of their sister Joy to allow them to steal the limelight from them. The latest bride in the Duggar family said that she loves that they are getting engaged.

Joy Anna and her husband just got back from their honeymoon from Switzerland. The couple is now through with the blissful honeymoon days and is now starting to live as husband and wife. The couple has been friends for 15 years. They met at the church of the Duggars after the Forsyth family moved to Arkansas.

The things Austin Forsyth loves about his wife

Austin shared that he loves Joy-Anna because of her big heart for the ministry and her diligence. The couple is compatible in many ways particularly the love of the outdoors. In fact, the couple listed on their wedding registry items that are intended for picnics and outdoor activities.

Inquisitr reported that Joy-Anna Duggar was very eager and prepared to marry Austin. In fact, even before Austin’s proposal, she was listening to an audio book about marriage. The 19-year-old wife said that she learned many important lessons about marriage from the book.