Jeremy and Audrey Roloff of "Little People, Big World" are about to have their first child together. Now Jeremy is speaking out and admitting that some of the things they have been going through lately have been hard on their marriage. In Touch Weekly shared what Jeremy had to say about moving, remodeling and a pregnancy all at the same time.

What did Jeremy reveal?

Right now, Audrey Roloff is 38 weeks pregnant with their first child. During her pregnancy, they made the decision to move back home to be near Jeremy's family. This seemed like a great idea and is probably best for the family, but this meant that they had to move while Audrey was pregnant and they also decided to buy a house that needed to be remodeled.

Jeremy spoke out sharing that they have been living in their new home for one week now. They were able to move in before the baby was born, which was a really big deal to them. He admits that they have dealt with some stress and anxiety during this time. All marriages have to deal with things and this just happens to be the what Jeremy and Audrey are dealing with right now.

Jeremy Roloff asks for advice from fans

Jeremy Roloff even asked the fans for advice on if they have ever had to deal with something like this before. Jeremy said, "Have any of you ever endured a remodel? Or maybe some other large undertaking that has put strain on your marriage? What have you learned about dealing with stress that's helped?

Please share!" A lot of people were shocked to hear Jeremy admitting that this caused a few issues in their marriage, but that is just reality.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are really close to a really stressful part of their life. Their little is due any day now and they will be learning what is like to be parents. They have always revealed they are having a daughter and she will be here before they know it.

Audrey is already 38 weeks pregnant, so this means that the baby can come any day now.

Are you surprised to hear that Jeremy Roloff is admitting that some things have been hard on them? Do you feel like most couples go through these same issues? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of "Little People, Big World" when they return to TLC.

The show has been renewed, but so far they haven't shared the exact date that they will end up returning. The new season will have a wedding and babies, so it will be an exciting season for the Roloff family and the fans can't wait to see it go down.