In tonight's episode of "Little People, Big World," the entire Roloff family is gearing up for the arrival of Zach and Tori's son, baby Jackson. However, Zach is still suffering from terrible headaches and he decides to address his health issues once and for all before the baby comes.

What's wrong with Zach Roloff?

Zach's bouts of terrible migraines have been shown in past episodes of LPBW. His mom Amy thinks it has something to do with his shunt, which they had implanted when he was a baby to drain excess fluids from his brain. This is a common occurrence among people with dwarfism.

Zach had to replace the shunt as a teenager, and Amy thinks it's time for another fixing.

However, Zach is not so sure. His fear worsens when he describes his headaches, oftentimes accompanied by vomiting, as "something else."

"Lately, I've just been getting really sick. Big, throbbing headaches. It's never been this bad," the dad-to-be says in the confessional.

Zach's twin brother Jeremy is equally concerned, and he decides to take Zach to the doctor. Jeremy's pregnant wife Audrey tags along, but she decides to stay in the car while Zach and Jeremy went in for a checkup.

When the doctors couldn't find anything inconclusive, they told Zach maybe stress could be one of the causes. After all, Zach is currently under a lot of pressure as Tori's due date inches closer.

Tori's fear of C-section heightens

Meanwhile, Amy Roloff decides to have a bonding time with Tori and give her a pep talk on her upcoming delivery. Tori's mom joins them, as well as Audrey. The women look at old photos of Zach, and Tori's reaction upon seeing baby Zach is priceless.

The conversation gets serious when Amy recounts how she gave birth to Jeremy and Zach, who were born prematurely.

She says that because of her dwarfism, she had to have a C-section for all her children's births.

Tori's mom also narrates that she spent three weeks trying to get Tori out. She had a condition called placenta previa, where the opening is blocked so the only option was a C-section.

By this time, Tori doesn't want to listen to the horror stories.

She's obviously afraid of having a C-section too. She said last time that she's never been to the operating table before, and insisted that a normal vaginal birth is still the best way to go.

Baby Jackson is now one month old, and Zach and Tori have been posting a lot of pictures and videos of their son. The couple has yet to announce whether Tori did undergo a C-section and if Zach really does have a serious health condition.

"Little People, Big World" Season 12 airs every Tuesday on TLC.