Molly Roloff of "Little People, Big World" is planning to get married, but the details have been kept a secret. Now Radar Online is able to share some of the details of her big day. Molly's life is a lot more private than the rest of the Roloffs, so it isn't shocking that she is keeping things quiet. The fans can't wait to see that Molly is married and find out if she will have babies soon after.

What is known about Molly's big wedding?

At this time, the details are just starting to come out about Molly Roloff's wedding. Not a lot is known yet about her mystery fiancé, Joel Silvius.

It turns out that Molly and Joel will be getting married on August 5. She will be getting married in Washington and not at the family farm. Her brothers got married there, so everyone kind of expected Molly to do the same thing. Molly lives in Washington now, so this makes perfect sense. You know the entire family will head up there to see her big day. This should be a great event.

Molly is working in Spokane, Washington doing an accounting job after meeting her fiance while attending college. She seems really happy to be there. Molly Roloff still does their reality show from time to time, but she has moved on with her life. Joel works as a reporting analyst there as well. These two aren't living on income from a reality show that is for sure.

Could it be televised?

Jacob Roloff doesn't have anything to do with the family's reality show "Little People, Big World." When he turned eighteen, he made the choice to not sign his contract and move on with his life. Molly hasn't been like that about it; she has just moved on with her life. This means she could make the decision to have her wedding televised.

The fans would love to get the chance to see Molly's big day on the show, but ultimately it is going to be up to her if she wants to do it or not. If she lets TLC film the wedding, that could come with a big paycheck and maybe some help with paying for her wedding. That is reason enough to do it.

Right now, Molly hasn't shared if her wedding will be on the show.

The fans are going to have to wait and see what she decides to do about it.

Are you excited for Molly Roloff's big wedding? Do you think that she will let he will let TLC film her big day? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Little People, Big World" on TLC. This season is great so far with Matt and Amy Roloff both being in a new relationship and with babies on the way.