Jenelle Evans has had her ups and downs with her mom. Their rocky relationship stems back to when they were filmed for “16 & Pregnant” as a one-time deal. When Jenelle was picked up to be a part of “Teen Mom 2,” things got chaotic. She was hooked on drugs and had a tough time caring for her young son, Jace. barbara evans stepped in and took custody of the little boy so he didn't become a ward of the state. That was seven years ago, and now, Jenelle wants him back.

Barbara isn't invited to the wedding

For several months now, Jenelle Evans has been preparing for her wedding.

She is set to marry David Eason in less than a month. September 23 is going to be the big day and almost everyone is going to be there for Evans as she finally says “I do.” According to Us Weekly, Jenelle Evans did not invite her mom Barbara Evans to the wedding. This was mentioned as she walked the red carpet at the MTV VMAs over the weekend. Jace will definitely be there and be a part of the wedding but her mom, she was not invited due to the custody situation.

The bad blood between the mother and daughter duo isn't going away anytime soon. Jenelle Evans is mad that Barbara won't just sign over Jace without a fuss. She has raised her grandson since the beginning and while his mother is doing better than she has in the past, it has to be the right time for everyone involved.

With a track record like Jenelle has, it isn't shocking that Barbara is hesitant to let Jace go with her permanently.

Jenelle won't film with Barbara

There are reports that things are so bad between the mother and daughter that Jenelle has refused to film with Barbara. This isn't shocking news, especially with the recent way things have been going on “Teen Mom 2.” Last night's episode showed Jenelle Evans as she stalked her mother and called the police to her home.

It was a huge mess, and unfortunately, it made Jenelle look bad. Her attempt to get her mother in trouble backfired and now, people are calling her out for being malicious.

In just a few weeks, Jenelle Evans will be Mrs. David Eason. She has stated that her wedding will be low-key, with some expectation of people showing up wearing button down shirts and jeans.

Of course, it will be held on her property. Jenelle teased her form-fitting dress, which has been shown on social media in a bag quite a few times. The most important thing is that despite her mother not being invited, all of Jenelle's children will be a part of the ceremony.