Ryan Edwards is once again making headlines for his bad behavior. The “Teen Mom OG” star has been accused of sending inappropriate photos to women on the app Tinder. This has been going on over the last few days, and now, things are getting more intense. Edwards married Mackenzie Standifer back in May while he was high on something. The footage from the show prompted a huge conversation as the two were driving to get married and she caught him being under the influence. Despite turning off the cameras and appearing to be angry, Standifer still married him anyway.

Divorce rumors circulate

Right now, rumors of an impending divorce are circulating. According to Starcasm, Ryan Edwards is reportedly living apart from Mackenzie Standifer now. It looks like he is ready to be done with married life. Edwards has allegedly mentioned divorce to several members of the “Teen Mom OG” crew. Could this quickie marriage turn into something more brutal in the stages of dissolution? Both of the parties seem to be a little much to handle.

Diva attitude

Speculations swirled that Mackenzie Standifer was using Ryan Edwards for the MTV fame. She is significantly younger than him and was also a teenage mother. Standifer was also married before, so she knew what to expect. Edwards was rumored to be on drugs through their entire relationship, and some fans have accused her of using that to worm into his life.

There are reports that Mackenzie is making filming hard for the crew, and she is throwing around some hefty demands. She reportedly wants more pay for talking about the issues with Ryan. In fact, she was even bold enough to ask the network to pay for her and her friends to take a vacation on their dollar. While the network did discuss it, they ultimately said no.

Standifer may find herself getting told no a lot in the upcoming weeks.

Fans are interested to see how the upcoming season of “Teen Mom OG” is going to go. They are currently filming, which has been confirmed by several members of the cast. Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer have been married a little over three months, but one of those months was spent with him in rehab.

The next few weeks will be interesting, especially if more of what is happening is brought to light. There were some speculations the two wouldn't last and with the issues they are having now, it wouldn't be shocking to find out Edwards and Standifer split. This could be the biggest storyline for the upcoming season.