Jinger Duggar has become quite the fashionista over the last year. Marrying Jeremy Vuolo has opened her world up to brand new possibilities, ones that she didn't even think of trying under her dad's reign. Fashion is something the Duggar women aren't versed in at all. They are taught to keep their bodies covered and very rarely wear anything that would draw attention to themselves for any reason. Jinger has always had a mind of her own, and now, she is living her life for her true self.

Pants scandal

When Jinger Duggar was photographed wearing pants, social media was filled with comments about her choice.

She would have never been able to wear pants prior to marrying Jeremy Vuolo as she was raised to believe that skirts or dresses were the only things women were allowed to wear. Fortunately for Jinger, Jeremy seems to believe that pants are absolutely fine as long as they are still modest. Shorts are also an option, but Duggar seems to prefer longer pants.

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jinger Duggar has also stepped out wearing short sleeves. This is a huge deal because previously, all of her shirt choices have still been long and flowing. The photo was posted to Instagram and show the coordinating outfits between husband and wife. Duggar is seen wearing a form-fitting striped shirt with short sleeves.

The photo was taken in a mirror as the couple appears to be headed out for the evening. Jinger Duggar is definitely learning what does and doesn't work for her while her husband supports her choices regarding what to wear.

Babies on the brain

Fans have been waiting for a pregnancy announcement from Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo.

While anything is possible, the recent photos the couple has shared seem to imply there is no baby on board. Jinger is busy learning who she is and being a good wife while Jeremy is busy preaching to his church and following what he believes is being asked of him by God. When the two are ready, they will begin a family. Speculation is that Joy-Anna Duggar will be the next sibling to announce she is expecting, even as soon as the new season begins.

The new season of “Counting On” begins Monday, September 11 on TLC. There is plenty to look forward to including the birth of Jill and Derick's newest son, the wedding planning for Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell, and possibly the announcement of a new courtship for one of the Duggar siblings. This is one season you won't want to miss!