This morning Corinne Olympios was on "Good Morning America" in her first television interview since the big "Bachelor in Paradise" scandal happened. Tonight Corinne will also be on a new episode of "Bachelor in Paradise" sitting down and talking to Chris Harrison. The Hollywood Gossip shared what Corinne had to say this morning.

What did Corinne reveal on the show this morning?

Corinne didn't really have a lot to say this morning, but one thing she did say is that she still feels like she was a victim in what happened on the show. This really surprised a lot of people to hear her say that on the show.

Corinne isn't upset at all with DeMario Jackson or with the producers of the show. When it comes to that, she didn't have much to say, but she did say that she still feels like she was a victim and that was because of the media.

Corinne spoke out on the show saying, "I was a victim of... just being blown into the media and having people make these crazy assumptions and judgments about what happened that day." ABC has never shown the entire tape of what went down, but they did show bits and pieces of it. She also said she is still trying to figure out what happened.

Corinne admits to using prescription drugs

Corinne Olympios also said that she was on some kind of prescription drug that makes you black out.

She didn't realize that she shouldn't mix it with alcohol. She said that since then, she has started to slowly get off of this medication and she is also working on drinking less alcohol. It was hard for her to watch herself on the video because it really felt like she was watching someone else.

She isn't upset with producers and actually said, "I would hope that if a producer saw anything that they were uncomfortable with anyone, they would do the proper investigations." It sounds like she really does feel like they did the right thing.

If you want to hear what else Corinne Olympios had to say, you will get to see it all tonight. Just like DeMario Jackson sat down with Chris Harrison last week, it will be her chance to do it this week. You know that Chris isn't going to hold back and will ask all of the hard questions. The viewers are curious to see what she has to say tonight on the new episode of "Bachelor in Paradise."

Are you shocked to hear that Corinne Olympios still says she was a victim? Do you feel like that is the truth? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of "Bachelor in Paradise" on Monday nights on ABC.