Tonight it is finally time for the big premiere of Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright's new show. E! Online shared that Jax is sharing that some of his co-stars aren't very happy about the fact that he got a spin-off, but honestly, they are all happy with the fact that Brittany got a spin-off. This show is about this couple and they went to Kentucky to be with Brittany's family and see how things are done a bit different there. Seeing Jax in this kind of atmosphere is going to be really different for everyone.

What did Jax have to say?

Jax spoke to E!

News' Zuri Hall before his new show "Vanderpump Rules: Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky." He admits that he was wondering what the other cast members would think about it. He admits that he was kind of like "ha, ha" to a couple of the girls on the show. Brittany went on to explain that these girls were happy for her, though. She really thinks that all of them were happy for her. Brittany has done a great job of bonding with all of the girls including Jax's ex Stassi Schroeder. He didn't share who wasn't happy for him, but it does sound like the guys were okay with his new show.

jax taylor admits that this was a lot more work than he is used to on "Vanderpump Rules." When you are on that show, there are other people filming, but on his new spin-off it was a lot more filming for him.

Jax admits that there were pretty long days for them.

Brittany Cartwright talks about spin-off

This spin-off was actually a lot easier on Brittany than it was on Jax. She loved going back to Kentucky and being with her family all the time. She explained that when she went on "Vanderpump Rules" it was all new people to her, but being back home was very comfortable to her.

Brittany also teased that this is totally different than "Vanderpump Rules." She said that she has watched a few episodes of the show and it is hilarious to her. She revealed that her family is really funny on the show. Jax also admitted that he was 30 lbs. heavier when the show was filmed than he is now and it shocked him a bit to look at it.

Are you shocked to hear that Jax Taylor said not everyone was happy for him about his new spin-off? Do you think that this new show is going to be a hit? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of "Vanderpump Rules: Jax & Brittany Take Kentucky" on Wednesday nights on Bravo. Tonight will be the first episode and so far it hasn't been confirmed if the show is coming back for another season or not.