derick dillard, husband of Jill Duggar has made no qualms about the fact that he is looking to show off his love for Jesus Christ at every turn. The reality TV star, who is currently on the hit series, "Counting On," is working with his wife in Northwest Arkansas where they are preaching to college kids. The pair recently returned from Central America, where they were working with SOS Ministries, but were allegedly fired for a variety of reasons. However, the pair are now stateside with their young sons, Israel and Samuel Scott, but that hasn't stopped Derick from getting into various fights on Twitter.

Using the eclipse to call attention to Jesus

Derick Dillard took the opportunity to let his 123,000 followers that he was still thinking of Jesus during the Solar Eclipse that took place earlier this week. The reality TV personality told fans, "On a day when so many will be looking to the sun, let's not miss the Son. #SolarEclipse2017 #EclipseSolar #JesusChrist."

Although many who watch "Counting On" are Christians themselves, some didn't take too kindly to the tweet, stating that Jesus Christ didn't actually exist, while the solar eclipse does. Derick took offense to the comment, telling his fans that Jesus is a real historical figure and that although he wants to be gentle with the unnamed Twitter user, it is an undisputed fact.

It is unclear if the person in question wrote back to Derick, but it is obvious that the user mocks religion often, as his cover photo is that of clowns sitting in the famous "The Last Supper" painting.

Other times Derick has caused a stir on social media

The "Counting On" star is no stranger to stirring things up via his social media. He recently tweeted that he was ashamed TLC, the network his show is on, would host someone like Jazz Jennings, a transgender teenager. He also took the time to misgender Jazz deliberately, though sadly she shared that she is used to this kind of behavior from people.

TLC said that their opinions do not reflect those of Derick's, but declined to fire him from the TLC show, despite some people urging him to do so.

Derick also came under fire last week when a fan asked if her Chinese husband would be welcome at their praise service. It appears the person may have been mocking Derick on purpose, but Derick responded with, "Yes, we love the Chinese!" which made many users cry racism. However, it is more likely that Derick was simply unaware of how badly that could sound.