jax taylor is somewhat of a playboy. He is known for sleeping around, being unfaithful, and sometimes just being a total jerk. "Vanderpump Rules" has showcased several of his issues throughout the years, including the relationship he had with Stassi Schroeder. Now that he is dating Brittany Cartwright, things have calmed down a bit.

Jax gets roasted

On a recent episode of "Vanderpump Rules," Jax Taylor was roasted for his birthday. Not only was it a crude event, Brittany Cartwright and her mother, Sherri, were in attendance. That didn't go over well when the gay rumors were talked about.

While that was interesting, fans are fixated on the cocaine joke told by Tom Sandoval. Does it really snow for Taylor?

There was also comments from Lala Kent that Jax Taylor uses cocaine. Apparently, she believes it was an everyday thing for him. It looks like she was concerned with the fact that everyone was focusing on her business while they all turned a blind eye to him allegedly using a substance like cocaine.

The denial runs deep

When asked whether or not he uses cocaine, Jax Taylor didn't exactly deny it. He commented that he didn't know anything about that, but wasn't defensive or aggressive at all. This isn't typical for Taylor, which has led to more speculation that he may use on occasion, if not daily, like Lala Kent insinuated.

Brittany Cartwright appears to be a straight-laced kind of girl and it doesn't seem like she would allow something like cocaine in her life.

Lisa Vanderpump won't tolerate drug usage at SUR if she wouldn't tolerate the way James Kennedy was acting with alcohol. Jax Taylor seems to care about his job with SUR and being on "Vanderpump Rules," so it isn't shocking that he would deny using cocaine even if he was dabbling with the substance.

Tom Sandoval hasn't talked about Taylor or cocaine publicly, he just made that joke on his birthday when he got roasted. There is a lot going for Jax Taylor right now, and if he isn't clean, he needs to work toward that so that he can have a future for himself.