"The young and the restless" spoilers for next week tell the tale of two brothers that both want vengeance. Jack Abbott [Peter Bergman] has been tormenting Billy Abbott [Jason Thompson] and doing everything he can to make his life miserable. Finally, Billy had had enough and plans to hit back hard. What Jack doesn't know is that by allowing his mother Dina Mergeron [Marla Adams] into the family business at Jabot, he's left the door wide open for Billy to come in and make trouble. Jack has taken things to a new level by trying to crush Brash & Sassy to get to Billy, so now the little brother has a chance at retribution.

Dina gets sloppy, Billy takes advantage

"Y&R" spoilers say when Billy ran into Dina the other day, it turned out to be quite the boon for him. Dina thought Billy was very nice and so she has her guard down and that's when Billy takes advantage. The Inquisitr reported that Dina has Alzheimer's and Graham Bloodworth [Max Shippee] is her caretaker. It's too bad Graham's not keeping a closer eye on her when Billy drops by Dina's suite at the GCAC. Dina is happy to see him and accepts his visit with a smile.

Other "Young and the Restless" spoilers indicate that Dina hopes Jack can forgive Billy, just as he forgave her for abandoning him. Billy hoped that too but since Jack won't budge and won't stop targeting Billy and Brash & Sassy, the younger Abbott plans to shut his brother down before he ruins Victoria Newman's [Amelia Heinle] company.

So when Dina leaves an opening, Billy takes advantage of Jack's mom. Of course, he doesn't know about her diagnosis.

Jack vs Billy - who will win?

"Y&R" spoilers promise that Jack can't let go of the fact that Billy slept with Phyllis breaking up his marriage after Victor Newman [Eric Braeden] almost broke them up. Now that Phyllis and Billy are coupled up, Jack is apoplectic.

Billy decides enough is enough and when he sees that Dina left her Jabot password on her laptop in her suite, Billy snaps a pic of the password and uses it to gain insider info on the state of Jabot's finances and other corporate plans.

To make things worse, "Young and the Restless" spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry reveal that Jack verbally attacks Phyllis over her continued loyalty to Billy even though she works at Jabot.

It will all come down to Phyllis making a choice once and for all to walk away from Jack in every way possible - work and personally. Jack was flattered that Phyllis stuck around Jabot trying to win him back, but now she has no reason to stay. But Jack doesn't realize he's playing with fire.

By lashing out at Phyllis and Billy both, he put Jabot at risk since Billy gained unethical access to Jabot info and Phyllis knows all about Jack's battle plans. Will Jabot survive Jack's foolish battle with his brother? Can the Abbott boys ever make peace? Come back often for more "The Young and the Restless" spoilers.