Steve Burton is returning to "General Hospital" in September and it has pretty much every single viewer of the ABC soap wondering how it will all play out when he shows up in Port Charles. This week has had many hints that are leading up to his return. Jason Morgan is a longtime character that has many connections, but it seems that this newer version of Jason is just not as connected as he should be.

Concerning questions

Everything seemed to be going well for Jason and Sam Morgan until Sam got sick and started hallucinating. That led her to try to kill Sonny, and it all has to do with wanting to keep her husband safe.

Now Sam is questioning why she felt like she couldn't confide in Jason about how she was feeling. After all, she used to be able to talk to him about everything. "General Hospital" is certainly stirring things up.

Not only is Sam questioning why her relationship with Jason isn't quite what it used to be, now Carly Corinthos is also doing the same. She and Jason are supposed to be best friends, but that relationship has also changed. Sam confessed to Carly this week that she was the one who shot Sonny, not Garvey. Carly forgave Sam because she was sick, but she is mad at Sonny and Jason for keeping it from her, especially Jason.

Jason gets shot

The mob violence continues as "General Hospital" spoilers tease that Jason is about to be fighting for his life again.

This could also be a lead in to the big reveal of whether this Jason is the real one or if he is an imposter. Nevertheless, Sam will be beside herself as her worst fears are coming true. Jason's life is hanging in the balance all because of getting involved with Sonny once again.

Sonny is trying to get out of the mob business, but a life may be lost because of it.

Jason is expected to survive, but there could be something that is found out through this scare. Will Steve Burton come waltzing into "General Hospital" while this Jason is fighting for his life? However this all plays out, his face will indeed shake up everyone in Port Charles.

Will Carly finally get a clue?

Carly is really bothered by the fact that she and Jason's friendship is not the same as it used to be.

She is always so determined to figure things out. She talked to Sonny about this saying that there is just something that went wrong as the old Jason would not keep her in the dark like that. Carly was quite upset by it. Will she try to get to the bottom of things before Steve Burton arrives?

How do you think this will all play out? Take your best guess as to whether Steve Burton will be the real Jason or someone else. The writers may just turn things completely around. Keep watching "General Hospital" these next few weeks to see this story line develop.