There is a brand new "General Hospital" promo that was just posted that has more mob violence coming to Port Charles. Sonny Corinthos is trying his best to get out of the mob permanently, but the more he tries, the worse it seems to be for him. His decision was based on keeping his loved ones safe. However, his enemies may not be happy about that decision and more violence is expected to erupt.

The end of an empire never comes without a price

Sam Morgan had every reason to fear that her husband, Jason, would end up getting pulled back in with Sonny.

Even though it was her illness that made her hallucinate, her subconscious was telling her that there may be danger ahead. Will Jason be the one to pay the price for Sonny leaving the mob?

The "General Hospital" clip that previews the mob violence coming up this week shows that someone may end up getting shot. "GH" spoilers say that it is Jason Morgan who is hurt, but he is expected to survive. That doesn't make Sam any less worried about her husband. This is what her Sonny hallucinations were all about. He kept telling her that Jason would be his once again and there was nothing she could do to stop it from happening. She did try to stop it by shooting the real Sonny herself, but he survived and he is keeping that secret.

Can Sonny really leave the mob for good?

Has Sonny eluded himself to the fact that he can distance him and his family from the mob that he has been involved with for many years? The "General Hospital" clip shows the mobster teaming up with Max to have a showdown with some enemies.

Carly is also seen telling Jason that there will be some unhappy people out there when they find out that Sonny wants to give up his territory in Port Charles.

He has built quite an empire and has made many enemies along the way. He has been involved with many powerful mob bosses that have retaliated against him and that ultimately always involved Sonny's loved ones.

Will they ever be safe whether he leaves the mob or not?

How do "General Hospital" fans feel about more mob violence?

The mob has been a huge part of the ABC soap since the days of Luke and Laura running from Frank Smith. Sonny Corinthos later came to Port Charles and the violence seemed to escalate. Many viewers have expressed their opinions on social media on how tired they are of having the mob front and center for so long. Many of them are ready for a change of scenery from the violence.

Are you one of those who would love to see something else besides the mob-related stories on "General Hospital?" Sound off your thoughts on whether you think Sonny Corinthos will really be able to leave his business.