"General Hospital" fans have been trying to figure out how Steve Burton would fit into the Port Charles canvas. There have been plenty of rumors and speculation about how he would arrive, who he would play, and how it would affect the rest of the town. During the summer TCA, Frank Valentini opened up about where "General Hospital" is headed and gave a teaser about the impact Burton would have on the fictional town with his return.

Everyone will be affected

There are several characters wo will be afected with the return of Steve Burton. While it has not been confirmed, the assumption is that if he is not Jason Morgan (the real one), then he is someone who looks identical to who they remember him as.

When Billy Miller assumed the role in 2014, they did a story based on his looks being off because of all of the surgeries and things he went through while in Helena's (Constance Towers) care. The main concern is how Sam (Kelly Monaco) will react to seeing Steve Burton around town, especially after her Toxoplasmosis diagnosis and the hallucinations she was having. Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) wll clearly be affected, but will they believe what they see?

The idea that Steve Burton wanted to return to "General Hospital" has fans a little confused. He left back in 2012 because he wanted to spend more time with his family in Tennessee, but quickly went on to be hired at "The Young and the Restless." It was announced around this time last year that he would be exiting the soap and would only be taping through December.

This began rumors that he wanted to return to "General Hospital" as Jason Morgan, but nothing was confirmed until a few weeks ago. According to TVLine, Steve Burton began talks with the soap around four months ago. The network got word of his interest in returning, and they wanted to make it happen.

Steve is back taping

It was announced earlier that he would begin taping again in August.

This means that Steve Burton should be appearing on "General Hospital" within the next few weeks. This is just in time to start prepping for November sweeps. Fans have had mixed reactions so far with some of them loving the idea of his return and others upset that so much was done to accommodate his return after he left five years prior. Many fans have come to terms with Billy Miller as Jason and while he doesn't have the same "Stone Cold" side Burton had, he has brought his own perspective the to the character.