With only 7 episodes on this season of “Game of Thrones,” the show is already at its halfway point of the season. After 3 episodes, there were already massacres, battles, long awaited reunions, notable meetings and a death of a fan favorite. The fourth episode of the show “The Spoils Of War” will be dealing with the aftermath of the previous 3 episodes.

Here’s what to expect on “The Spoils of War.”

Shortest episode

According to Entertainment Weekly, the fourth episode of Season 7 will be the shortest episode in the show’s history. On average, “Game of Thrones” episodes run for about an hour, but “The Spoils of War” will only be running for 50 minutes.

A silver lining for this is the season finale, which is going to be the longest episode ever in the show’s history. Show creator David Benioff has previously said that the finale will be around 90 minutes long.

More reunions

In the “The Spoils of War” trailer, one of the most notable scenes has got to be Arya looking at Winterfell in the distance. In the last episode, Sansa was reunited with Bran. It was a rather awkward reunion as Bran explained his Three-eyed Raven power to Sansa by describing her wedding night with Ramsay Bolton.

In this episode, Arya will finally arrive in Winterfell and be reunited with her siblings. Let’s hope Bran doesn’t do anything too awkward this time. In a clip that Sky Atlantic released, fans will see Arya enjoying a duel against Brienne and even points Needle at Brienne’s neck.

Another reunion happening is at Dragonstone. Theon will be arriving back with the remaining men and fleet after being defeated by his uncle Euron. At the same time, Jon is still in Dragonstone, mining for dragonglass. It is interesting to see what will happen between Jon and Theon, the two characters last met in Season 1.

Back in Season 2, Theon turned on Robb Stark and seized Winterfell and “burned” Bran and Rickon.

Jon might not be able to forgive or forget Theon’s betrayal. On the other hand, Theon did help Sansa escape from Ramsay Bolton back in the beginning of Season 6.


In the last episode, Cersei promised her new friend Tycho Nestoris of the Iron Bank that they will be paying the Crown’s debt to the Iron Bank. After Jaime successfully took Highgarden and their gold, they are making their way back to King’s Landing.

In the episode trailer, Nestoris said that Cersei will have the Iron Bank’s support as soon as the gold arrives.

The long awaited meeting of Jon and Daenerys finally happened the last episode, but they weren’t in complete agreement. In the trailer, Dany may be asking for Jon’s help once more after her continuous defeats against the Lannisters and the loss of her allies and fleet.

It will be interesting to see whether Jon will join Dany or not, as it has been revealed that Jon will be meeting Cersei as well this season. Another interesting detail from the trailer is the clip of Drogon flying overhead. Many fans have been guessing that Drogon will be intercepting Jaime‘s trip back to King’s Landing.