If you haven't seen the latest episode, spoilers ahead.

The third episode of the seventh season of “Game of Thrones” – The Queen’s Justice, was delivered marvelously, it showed how the past seasons drive the events in the present. The episode was filled with reunions, triumphs, loss, and mistakes. Here are the winners of the episode.

Cersei Lannister

Cersei lived up to the episode title of The Queen’s Justice, she had (almost) everything. She spent a night with her brother, Jaime. She got a visit from the Iron Bank of Braavos the next morning, and she wisely foreshadowed the attacks that Tyrion planned.

Cersei’s biggest win, however, is when she finally got revenge for Myrcella’s death. In The Queen’s Justice, Euron presented his gifts to Cersei, Ellaria and Tyene. She had them locked up in a cell, gagged and in chains. Cersei told them of how she wanted to get her revenge for killing Myrcella back in Season 5.

Cersei chose to kill Tyene the same way Ellaria killed Myrcella. Cersei kissed Tyene with the same poison Ellaria used, The Long Farewell. Cersei wanted Ellaria to watch Tyene as she slowly dies. Cersei will make sure that Ellaria will be there the day Tyene dies, force fed if need be.

The Queen of Thorns

It was a delight to watch the scene between Lady Olenna and Jaime. They talked about learning from past mistakes and family.

Lady Olenna said that she did unspeakable things for the safety of her family. She even warned Jaime that Cersei is a monster, a poison and that she will be the end of him.

Jaime told Olenna that Cersei had different plans on how she wanted to kill her, but he talked her out of it and instead gave her a poisoned glass of wine.

Olenna gulps down the wine to the last drop without any hesitation. She started telling him that she would hate to die like Joffrey - clawing at my neck, eyes blood red and skin purple.

She recalled the scene from Season 4 and admitted that it was her who killed Joffrey but it was not what she intended. Olenna said her last words “Tell Cersei.

I want her to know it was me,” then Jaime, shocked by the revelation, left the room.

Other winners

  • Melissandre has brought ice and fire together and she caught Varys off guard. It seems that she knows how she and Varys will die.
  • Jorah is cured of greyscale with the help of Sam and will be going back to Daenerys.
  • Overall, the fans are the winners after the episode. The episode was beautiful and filled with amazing scenes. The episode finally brought together Daenerys and Jon Snow - something that many fans have been waiting for, for a long time. The episode also reunited Jon and Tyrion and Bran and Sansa in Winterfell. Plus, fans get to watch Jaime looking handsome while riding the horse on their way to Highgarden.